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05 September 2012 @ 03:51 pm
Lost Time (pt 3)  
These two. Lawd. This one's excessively smutty. Did I mention it'll only get worse? Unsexed-Amy is just a terrible thing, at least according to her lover...

River Song was not a jealous person. She had always prided herself on openmindedness and a willingness to share. But there were noises coming from the master bedroom early the next morning, and she stuffed a pillow over her head and tried to block it out. Amy and Rory were having traditional marital relations, and it burned River's very soul, because she was blindly jealous of her own father and she couldn't stop feeling that way. And she knew Amy loved Rory, loved him deeply. This shouldn't be an issue, River told herself, because she still had hers. Amy still loved her and wanted to be with her. But River had gotten very, very used to having Amy for herself when they were around each other. She was not at all used to hearing the love of her life engage in sexual relations with anyone else besides her, and it was driving her mad in the most horrible way. She knew Amy was enjoying it, from what she could hear, and that made it worse. River squeezed her eyes shut and felt a tear or two leak out. Oh, you are pathetic, she told herself sternly. Let them have it. She said it had been months. But her practicality was not helping anything. She wanted to bust into that room, kick Rory out, and keep Amy happily on her back the entire day and possibly the night too. However, such things wouldn't do in polite company.

So River cried in frustration and anger. She wasn't proud of it, but the situation was what it was, and she kept reminding herself to be thankful for what she did have.

Over breakfast, everyone looked pleasantly normal and rested. River was good at pretending, and without the complication of someone besides her engaging in intimate relations with Amy, she actually enjoyed how happy the two of them looked.

"Work today," said Rory, finishing up his bacon and toast.

"Usual shift, right?" asked Amy.

Rory nodded.

"What's the usual shift?" River asked.

"24 hours on-call at hospital. Might be able to sneak a nap in at some point, provided it's quiet."

"But it never is when you want a kip," laughed Amy.

Rory rolled his eyes in agreement. "Wish it wouldn't, I wish it were always quiet with no one really hurt."

River reached over and patted his hand. "You're a great nurse."

Rory smiled. "Thanks, love."

As the burr of Rory's engine faded down the street, Amy's hands found River's waist and began to wander quite purposefully.

"Oh, you," said River softly.

"Take me," Amy whispered in her lover's ear. "I've been burning for too long."

"Ssssh," replied River, easily pinning Amy against the wall. "You'll catch fire before I'm done with you."

"You're all talk," said Amy, fixing River with her best come-hither eyes and pout. "I don't believe you."

"Is that a challenge?" River grinned, but it wasn't friendly. It was rather feral, in fact.

"Only if you're up to it." Amy licked her lips.

River fell on Amy then, biting her neck just short of marks, hands roaming everywhere and reclaiming what they owned, and when she growled Amy moaned in response and tried to wrap at least one leg around her.

"River, don't leave me again," Amy managed to gasp out.

"So eager for me, though...maybe I should absent myself more often." River gathered Amy's hair away from her neck and shoulders in one hand, then pulled hard.

"No, god no...never stop, please never..." Amy kissed her then, not at all surprised when River's tongue forced its way between her lips.

Walls were all very good for initial debauchery and such, River thought, but she wanted all of Amy in rather much of a hurry, and this was not the way to accomplish that. "Bed," she said. "Or sofa, whichever you prefer."

"You're in charge this time," replied Amy. "I don't care where you take me, just hurry up."

River smirked. "Since when do I hurry anything?" She pulled Amy away from the wall and began to lead her upstairs.

"Don't tease me, that's too mean after so long." Amy tried to run up the stairs, pulling River after her.

"Oh, but I don't have to do anything, do I?" River resisted, stopping in her tracks and tugging back.

"Yes, you do," growled Amy, her glare piercing River like a venomous arrow. "And you will."

"I thought I was in charge."

"Right after you get me horizontal and underneath you, sure."

River resumed walking up the flight of stairs. "I suppose that can be arranged." She turned into the spare room, where she'd been staying.

"Here, really?" Amy quirked an eyebrow.

"Change of scenery." River pushed Amy onto the bed rather forcefully.

Amy laid back after she landed, in what she hoped qualified as a sexy pose. "Your call."

River pounced her, strong hands clasping immediately around slender wrists and Amy tried to tangle her legs with River's while being snogged to within an inch of her life but it didn't work so well. River pinned Amy's hands over her head and began kissing her neck, gently nipping with her teeth.

"Damn you, harder!" Amy growled.

"Marks," River managed to mutter.

"I bloody well want them now," hissed Amy.

"You haven't earned them," replied River. "When you have, if you still want them..."

"I waited!" Amy fought against the hands that held her down.

"Nothing you're not exceptionally good at," said River, leaning further down to take Amy's still-clothed nipple in her mouth.

"I hate you!" Amy wrapped her legs around River's thigh and bucked her hips hard upwards.

River's smug laughter while still sucking only echoed through Amy's body and made her cry out. River ducked down and released the nipple once Amy's shoulders were on the bed again. "Oh, is it so very bad, my dear?"

"You're horrible," Amy gasped. "Don't stop."

"You didn't wait this morning," said River, before she could stop herself.

"Oh..." Amy frowned. "But he was so happy when he woke up, and I..." She squirmed slightly.


"I imagined it was you," said Amy in a rush. "You doing what you wanted, that you wanted it like that, and I agreed."

"Ah." River didn't know quite what to say to that, but it did please her.

"You heard us, then?"

"Couldn't miss it, you're rather loud, you know."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." Amy blushed.

"I'm just possessive," said River quietly.

"I think it's wonderful," said Amy. "But..."


"Less talk."

River frowned. "Now that it's out in the open, let me say that you smell of him."

"I suppose I would," replied Amy. "I can go shower."

"Yes," said River, letting go of Amy's wrists and sitting up. "I could join you after a bit."

"Would you?" Amy smiled. She felt like she was on very uneven footing here, and she didn't like it at all. Jealous River was not good River, and she didn't want anything else coming between them.

"Of course," said River. "I'd love to."

Amy jumped up. "See you in a minute?"

River smiled and nodded as Amy ran out the door and into the master suite. See, you blithering idiot? She loves you, and you have to go and muck it up with your issues. She sighed heavily, more in exasperation with herself than anything else. When she heard the water turn on, she decided to wander into the suite herself and see exactly what Amy was hiding in various drawers and boxes that they could have fun with.

In the shower, Amy was doing her best to wash up quickly. Hair first, then body, and she scrubbed with the body wash and puff almost frantically, trying to erase every trace of Rory from her skin. She loved Rory, she did. But River made her feel alive, was the only one who could. And it was a nice change, doing things for her lover instead of just herself. Amy was sure she wouldn't suffer such a mindset the vast majority of the time, but right now, it was okay. River had proved herself enough over their relationship; now it was Amy's turn to do a little of the same.

When River entered the bathroom, she had two items in her hands and a very evil grin on her face. "Don't look," she said, just audible over the running water.

Amy sighed loudly. "When you say that it makes me want to."

"That would be the point," said River, laying her spoils on the counter and undressing quickly.

"Fine, I'm facing away from the door," said Amy in a longsuffering tone.

"Good," said River, picking up her toys again, this time in one hand, and opened the glass door. Amy was indeed facing away from her, head under the spray. River smiled. "Hello, sweetie."

"Can I turn around yet?"

River closed the door behind her. "No."

"Why, what are you--" Amy was cut off by River pinning her against the wall.

"Doing what I like," was the reply. "Didn't someone say she found that a good fantasy motivation?"

"Yes," said Amy, shivering slightly, but with anticipation. She heard a flip-top cap opening, and then River's fingers were between her legs and she realized it was lube. Amy widened her stance accordingly.

"You're wonderful," said River, right in Amy's ear. "Did you know that?"

"I try for you," said Amy, wishing River would do more than just slick her up. "What are you up to?"

River set the bottle on one of the stall's ledges. "Making sure I've apologized properly for being gone so long and being a jealous twat as well."

"I understand," breathed Amy. "I felt the same way when I knew you and the Doctor were--"

"Yes, which is why I should be more understanding," replied River, taking the dildo and sliding it into Amy from behind, slowly.

"Oh Christ!" Amy swore. It was her favourite one, the blue one that was a bit thinner than Rory and felt better as a result (she'd never tell), and it vibrated as well. She'd felt like she'd won the sex shop lottery when she used it for the first time.

River laughed and pressed against her. "I picked correctly?"

"How did you know?"

River still had her hand on the base of the toy and thrust again, slowly and gently. "I can tell when something's used much more often than the others."

Amy moaned. "You're killing me, harder..."

"Oh, not yet, I don't think," River said, pulling Amy's wet hair aside. "Lots more than just this to do." She began to kiss and suck on Amy's neck.

Amy moaned loudly, happy that she could. She could be as loud as she wanted this time. She'd tried to keep it down with Rory that morning, but now she could show River what "loud" really meant.

"Put your hands on the wall," River murmured as she felt Amy's arms trying to reach around her.

"Not fair, I want to touch you," Amy whined.

"My way, remember?" River ground her hips against Amy's arse, pushing the toy in again.

"God, you're actually fucking me," Amy growled, slapping her hands against the shower's tiled wall and keeping them there.

"And that's why you need to brace yourself," River said smugly, thrusting sharply.

"Don't let it slip," Amy gasped, but as she said it felt River's hand reaching around and supporting the toy.

"When I need lessons, I'll let you know," said River, using her thumb to swipe up some lube and start working Amy's clit.

Amy let out a tortured wail. "River, god, fuck me!"

"I am, sweetie," said River calmly, pushing the toy in strongly. "I am."

Amy let go with a scream, knees immediately sagging.

River used her free arm to hold Amy up around the waist. "You're not done."

"Thank god I'm not," Amy sighed. "This is amazing."

"Brace yourself," was River's only reply. She turned on the toy to the lowest setting.

"Oh my god," Amy managed to gasp.

"Easy, sweetie," said River. "We've just begun."

Amy shivered again, but this time River reached up and turned the spray of the showerhead directly onto Amy's upper back.

"Better now?" River asked.

"Mmhmm," was Amy's reply, arching back slightly into the water.

"Can't have you cold," said River, repositioning herself to touch as much of Amy's body as she could with her own. "Oh, but I bet I know what will help." She turned the toy up a setting.

"Fffffffff!" Amy meant to curse, but that was all she could manage given that her knees were wobbly and her focus was fuzzy.

River laughed, thrusting against Amy again. Now that the vibe was on, she was experiencing quite pleasant sensations herself. "I think I love this one as much as you do, my love," she said.

"It's you now," gasped Amy. "It'll always be you."

"I love the way you think," said River. "I'm honoured."

"Faster?" Amy asked, a plaintive note in her voice.

"As you wish," was River's reply as she obliged, finding that it was quite inconvenient to have to hold the toy up and in, hold Amy up, and get tingly from the vibe all at once. Still, she'd handled much more complex situations before.

Amy let her breath catch and abandoned herself to the pleasure. River knew how to do this far too well, and it was sending her over the edge again and again.

River turned the vibe up higher, both for her own benefit as well as Amy's. She'd often wondered what having a cock would actually be like, and she'd played with all kinds of strap-ons (must get a harness for this one, she mused) but this? This was beyond. None of her other experiences could come close to this. Her emotions were in all the right places and being rolled for the maximum effect--she loved Amy, truly loved her, and Amy was hers and hers alone. Rory didn't matter anymore. Amy could go off with half the town at this point and yet she'd still be River's, screaming with delight and writhing underneath her, words like "love" and "fuck" and "don't stop" falling from her lips, all for River alone.

Amy was about to fly higher than she'd ever had before (she was pretty sure, anyway). When she finally came, the shriek she let out was sure to send the neighbours running, except they'd made sure the walls and windows were soundproof long before. The cry was, of course, River's name, and she fell to the floor of the shower, unable to hold herself up any longer.

River fell down with her, the surprise overcoming her usually quick reflexes. She pulled Amy onto her lap, the toy connecting with both of them again. "Are you done, my love?"

"Never," was Amy's reply, grabbing onto River's arms around her waist. Sure, she could barely breathe at this point, but hell if she was waving the white flag before River did.

"You're too good for me," said River in Amy's ear, rocking her hips against Amy and the toy for the best effect she could manage in this position.

"No, you're too good for me," Amy whined, feeling the pressure rise again, quite quickly this time.

"I love you," said River softly.

"As I love you," was Amy's reply. "Please touch me..."

River began to run her hands over Amy's torso, cupping and squeezing her breasts. "How's this?"

"More," Amy gasped.

River slid one of her hands down to work at Amy's clit again. "All right, or do we need more lube?"

"Mmmm," was the only thing Amy could manage, her head lolling back on River's shoulder.

"You're so eloquent," said River teasingly, shifting her hips to rock the toy inside Amy again.

"So good," Amy moaned.

"Been needing this, my love?"

"God, yes..."

"Once more for me, now," River purred in Amy's ear. "Once more...just for me."

Amy let go, her long moan rattling the glass door nearly off its track.

River nuzzled and kissed Amy's neck gently. "Have I informed you how perfect you are lately?"

"Only for you," Amy whispered. "Only to you."

"How untrue, that latter statement," River said as she slid the toy slowly out of her lover. "It's just you don't show anyone else. Good for keeping you for myself, and boosting my own ego."

Amy scoffed. "Your ego needs taking down a notch or two."

River laughed. "And I suppose you'll do such a thing?"

"When my knees work again."

"Need help?" River's naughty grin was audible.

"What did I tell you once about being too good?"

"Exactly, my love."

"Get out of my head, you. My ideas."
Flicka Whipfemme_slash_fan on September 5th, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
Oh... Jesus.

*melted* So hot.
(Anonymous) on September 5th, 2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
So hot
Need more of this story
Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor: Sushi kitty is FIERCE!kwanboa on September 6th, 2012 12:36 am (UTC)
Working on it!