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05 June 2014 @ 10:34 pm
this place needs a bit of life  
So here's a snippet for you. Being the only one steering the ship hurts productivity, may I just say... ;)

Professor River Song was teaching one of her larger classes, the introduction to archaeology for those who wished to pursue a degree in it. She was, she had to admit, rather popular at Luna University. Students liked her lectures, and although she was a hard grader, she also strove for complete fairness. The class was held in a rather large hall, with multiple screens in the front row showing students who were unable to attend in person but could still listen and watch remotely.

What she did not know was that she had one extra student that day. A tall ginger with gangly legs who sat in the least-lit part of the hall she could manage; who wasn't taking notes, but rather simply chewing on the end of a pencil and studying the professor avidly.

Amy Pond was watching the love of her life do what she was best at (other than things involving Amy and moaning, that is), and it was positively fascinating. River fairly sparkled with joy, turning on video clips with a flourish and using her laser pointer to jauntily underscore points on the board involving her lecture. This was her element, and she was getting to share the moment with others who would hopefully go on to find their own moments of job-related ecstasy. Amy loved the way River moved, how her curls bounced when she walked, the authoritative but friendly tone of her voice as she explained the now-ancient methods of human archaeologists in the 19th and 20th centuries. The 50th century fashion she was sporting accentuated her body nicely, and Amy had had to hold her tongue when several students around her commented on how sexy Professor Song was that morning. It wouldn't do to scare off potential archaeologists with snapping "She's /mine!/" and punctuating it with a punch or kick, Amy reckoned. Plus, she wasn't sure if this River was aware of their relationship; she'd simply badgered her Raggedy Man without cease until he agreed to drop her off for a class.

"Pick you up after class?" he'd asked as she was opening the doors.

"Oh, give me at least a night," she fired back playfully. "It's a whole university in space and I've never been!"

"Fine, I'll give you a week," he'd replied. "Setting coordinates now!"

Amy had rolled her eyes as she stepped out. It would be moments for him, but who knew /when/ he was going to come back?

River was explaining a technique, describing and demonstrating at the same time. Amy licked her lips as River mimed brushing sand away from an artifact. /Those hands.../ Yep, Amy Pond was in the mood and there was only one person she wanted a piece of--the professor.

River closed her lecture for the day by assigning some reading--not too strenuous or dry, but still very important, she stressed as the students filed out of the hall and the screens shut off. She gathered her notes and screens together, tucking them into her bag. As she closed the bag, she heard someone clear their throat.


River squinted into the dark corner she'd heard the voice come from. "Yes, what can I help you with?"

Amy sauntered into the light. "Well, you weren't quite correct on this one detail..."

"Amy!" River swallowed the instant tension down as her feelings welled up. /It's a hopeless crush, why don't you give up?/ "You didn't sit through the whole lecture?" She held out her arms and Amy walked into them.

Amy couldn't feel the usual warmth that accompanied River's hugs, and as she pulled away slightly to look River in the face, she noticed that River was fidgeting slightly. /Nervous. Nope, too early to know./ "I did! You are a very captivating lecturer," she said, tucking a curl behind River's ear. "And a /very/ learned one at that."

River smiled. /God, you're so beautiful./ "Well, I do have a bit of experience under my belt these days."

Amy wavered for a moment. /You are such a jerk, mucking about with her timeline./ But then River bit her lower lip slightly, and any control Amy might have fancied she had fled. "I can't explain this. Don't ask me to." Checking to make sure they were the only ones left in the hall, she slipped a hand behind River's neck and brought her in for a kiss.

River felt her insides melt and turn to jelly. /Amy's kissing me.../ The bag dropped to the floor and her knees wobbled, but then Amy pulled her close, against her. /And she means it.../ She sighed, the sound that escaped sounding more like a soft moan than anything else.

Amy broke the kiss gently. "Professor, I may need remedial lessons. In private."

River looked up into Amy's eyes. "This isn't your first time, is it?" She didn't know /when/ this Amy was, but it damn sure wasn't any time shortly after they'd dropped her off!

"Not with you, my love. Not by a long shot." Amy looked behind her to make sure, then sat on the table where River had had her notes during class. "Is there another class today? I was just dropped off, I'm not sure when I am and I don't know your class schedule."

"Well, your escort timed it quite perfectly, because that was the last class of the day in this hall." River found herself stroking Amy's knee before she quite realized what she was doing. /It's Amy, you nincompoop!/ She almost pulled her hand back sharply, as she'd taught herself to be capable of, but then her brain chimed in again. /She kissed you. She knows, and she wants you too./

Amy sat back on the table and let her knees loll open. "I think I need a lesson immediately, Professor. I'll /never/ remember the statistics otherwise."

River bit her lip hard. "Amy..."

Amy gave her a /look/. "I said I wasn't explaining. I /will/ explain in the future. But not tonight, not now. So just--"

She didn't get any further, because River had scooted in and captured her lips.