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16 July 2012 @ 12:03 am
Lost Time (pt 2)  
Title: Lost Time (pt 2)
Rating: Well, that got smutty. Hard to peel them off each other, really.
Summary: Continuing on from before.

They'd spent the afternoon lying on the sofa, Amy warmly curled in River's arms and still rather sobby due to tension release. River could only hold her close and gently stroke her hair, her arms, her back...the simplest of comforts. She supposed this really was love, not that she'd had any doubts before. Amy fell asleep on her finally, worn out from emotion, and River decided to doze off herself. Safe, content, making her happy again...you can't possibly want more than this, can you?

Rory unlocked the door and entered the darkened front room to find his wife and daughter asleep in each other's arms, the perfect picture of timey-wimey topsy-turvy family bliss. He smiled and tiptoed to the kitchen to start supper. They'd wake up soon enough, and hopefully he'd be at a decent stopping point, because he needed to alternately hug River like a cuddly toy and berate her for being gone so long and both of those could lead to burnt entree.

River was the first one to wake, realizing that there were delightful smells emanating from the kitchen--and that she must be slipping in her skills if Rory had come in without her being aware! She began to rub Amy's back. "Amy...Amy. Wake up. Supper."

Amy growled sleepily and nuzzled into River's shoulder.

River laughed softly. "Wake up, Amy. Rory's cooked, it smells delicious, and it'll get cold..."

"Ffff...food?" Amy rubbed her eyes but otherwise didn't move.

"Family mealtime," called Rory from the kitchen.

"Oh, is that all," Amy called back, her voice froggy from sleep.

"Come on," said River, bouncing her legs a bit underneath Amy, "I'm hungry, aren't you?"

"Could do," replied Amy, snuggling against River just a little more before pushing off to sit up. "What's on, then?"

"Bangers and mash," replied Rory.

"Could you be any more stereotypically English if you tried?"

"I'm sure it's delicious," said River quickly, to distract Rory from the almighty pout she knew was coming.

"I just thought River might want a nice, simple supper," said Rory. "You don't have to have any, Amy."

"Let me help you with that, stupidface," said Amy, getting up and going into the kitchen. "You go ahead and sit, River."

"Are you sure I can't help?"

"Nope," said both Amy and Rory simultaneously.

"Well then!" River walked into the dining room and sat down.

"Now, young lady," said Rory in a very stern tone of voice as he brought in the sausages, "we need to talk."

"I know I've broken curfew," began River.

"Broken curfew?! She flat-out abandons us for months and she thinks it's broken curfew?!" Rory dropped the platter on the table with a bit more force than needed.

River looked shocked, then frowned. "How long has it been since he dropped you off?"

"Three months," said Rory.

"Plus two weeks and six days," added Amy as she brought in the other dishes. "So more towards four months."

"I am so sorry," River whispered, her eyes glistening with tears. She looked at both of them in turn. "I lost track..."

"We've missed you," said Amy and Rory simultaneously, again.

"So very much," added Amy.

River almost knocked her chair over in her haste to get out of it. She put one arm around Rory, the other around Amy, and hugged as if her life depended on it.

They hugged her back, Amy's fingers winding tightly into River's jumper while Rory's fist shook slightly as it clenched around her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, darlings, I'm so, so sorry," River sobbed. "I didn't know, I lost track. I've never wanted to hurt you."

"It's all right," said Rory, choking back sobs himself. "We just missed you, that's all."

"We're going mad here without you," Amy added.

"We have gone mad without you," Rory amended.

"I'll never be so long again, I promise," said River. "I promise."

They clung to each other for a moment more, then, as one, relaxed and tried to stop sniffling.

"It looks delicious, Dad," said River, motioning to the table.

"Let's eat before it gets cold," suggested Amy.

They all sat down and tucked in, trusting in routine to ease their shared sorrow.

Amy may have flung a bit of mash into Rory's hair for a smart-arse comment, which earned her several peas down the cleavage in retaliation. River remarked that her parents were the most childish in the room while chewing on an entire sausage suspended on her fork, which nearly earned her a gravy boat shampoo.

"Can't you be mature for one minute when our daughter's here?!" Amy hollered. "I'll gravy you up!"

"It'll go well with all the mash in my hair!" yelled Rory. "Keep in mind I've got an entire dish of peas here!"

"I'm going to hide under the table now," said River. "Why is it always food fights at the Pond household?"

After everyone had cleaned up themselves and the kitchen, the evening ended with a movie marathon on the television, River's head in Amy's lap while the redhead ran lazy fingers through the thick blonde curls. Amy winced slightly when her pinky accidentally dragged over River's lips, who promptly caught it and bit just hard enough to make her point, but Rory didn't notice. He didn't notice much, Amy had figured out, and right now she was completely grateful for that, as River was now silently sucking on her fingertip, tongue dancing over the pad in a way that promised extreme lewdness just as soon as they were at leisure to do so. You're very, very bad, you know, Amy chided her lover in her head.

River kept her little secret. feeling Amy squirm underneath her. Only fair, you've driven me mad first, love. She did love having her hair played with, and given that it was Amy's fingers pulling out her tangles, it was enough to make her forget where she was. And once again, I am the devil. This time, however, I completely fail to care.

They looked innocent enough when Rory declared he had to get to bed in order to wake up for work, but that his girls should stay up and do girl-type things if they felt it.

"Your girls?" Amy inquired pointedly.

"Considering you seem to have two boys, one of them being me, I reckon I have two girls, one of them being you," replied Rory with an adorable smirk on his face.

"He's got you, mummy," said River in a very smug tone.

Amy slapped River right on her arse. "You're not too old for a smack!"

"I am leaving before this turns into the wrong kind of dirty video!" announced Rory, winking at Amy. "You two behave!"

"Yes, Daddy," they both said in unison, rather mockingly.

"Women," sighed Rory, shaking his head on the way out the door.

As Rory's footsteps faded up the stairs, River turned to look at Amy. Amy's face was completely stern and she shook her head.

River turned on the wooby eyes in response, which got a smirk from the redhead.

Amy's hand slid under River's head slowly, and when she heard the master bedroom door close, she swept the other woman up in a heavy, rather feverish kiss.

River whimpered slightly but was cut off by Amy's tongue and fervor. She felt Amy's other hand slide deftly into her knickers and whimpered again.

Amy pulled her mouth away from River's, just barely. "Silence," she hissed, diving back in immediately.

After that, River kept her moans and whimpers to herself, limiting it to voiceless sighs and clutching for any part of Amy she could reach. Her first orgasm was quick and fierce, overwhelming her for a moment but Amy didn't stop and soon there was another, and then another. She felt exhausted, but also like she could go for another five or so, if Amy was providing.

"There," Amy whispered in her ear. "Better?"

"What about you?"

"Never mind." Amy nuzzled River's ear and sighed happily. "So you like that, do you."

"Any way you'll have me, really," was River's breathy reply.

"I liked that," said Amy. "I like taking you."

"Take me when you like," said River, curling to a sitting position so she could rest her head on Amy's shoulder and snuggle into her neck.

"I will," said Amy. "This movie is good, isn't it?"

"Mmhmm." River was far too busy at the present moment inspecting Amy's neck and collarbone with the tip of her nose and then her lips to focus on the screen behind her, however.

"Naughty," was Amy's only comment as she tipped her head to the side to give River a better shot at what she was after.

"Comfort," replied River.

"How so?"

"My husband is in love with someone alongside me."


"Has been."

Amy felt a frisson of fear run through her. Not me, he always said no to me... "Who?"

"Your husband," murmured River, biting Amy's collarbone just hard enough to hurt without leaving a mark.

"So I was right," Amy sighed, running her fingers up River's nape and into her hair, tangling into a fist.

"The moping is what hurts," River whispered. "I'm not enough for him."

"Then why won't he come back for us?"

"You're supposed to be happy together. As we are supposed to be."

"But you're not."

"He's always known I'll do as I like. And I wouldn't care, I wouldn't, but..."

"It's Rory."

"And us. A tangled web."

"He cries for the Doctor in his sleep sometimes."

"Do you think they ever?"

"No. I'd know." Amy pulled River's head away from her, exposing her neck. "But I can't say it wouldn't be fair."

"If he had his, I could have mine. Without secrecy."

Amy kissed and nibbled River's neck, remembering exactly how wonderful her skin tasted. "Mmhmm."

"And maybe, if we were all together...it would be right," breathed River, trying not to moan.

Amy growled slightly. "I share you enough."

"Because it's best for you to," said River. "But you know I'm only yours."

"You were his."

"He was mine. But now I know where love waits for me."

"So fucking complicated."

"No. I run to my love for comfort, that's all." River managed to straddle Amy's lap. "You demand my truth, Amy. I shouldn't have said anything..."

"I never asked," said Amy, feeling River's hips rock against hers and tightening her grip in the curls.

"You had to know," said River, biting her lip as Amy pulled her hair.

"Yes," whispered Amy. "You tell me everything."

"I have to," River replied. "I'm yours."

"I love you." Amy wrapped her arm around River's lower back and pulled her snug.

"As I love you." River jerked against the hold, both women pulling in breath as the movement connected just right.

Amy buried her face in River's shoulder. I feel alive again.

"Hold me tight," River managed to gasp, continuing to rut against Amy with intense, short thrusts.

"Mm," was the only reaction Amy could muster, having thrown both arms around River's arse now, quite tightly, determined to keep the intensity close and slamming into her.

Neither of them expected anything to happen even after minutes passed and their actions grew more frantic, but they both ended up orgasming, River going first and Amy just after.

"Fuck," Amy hissed. "How do you do that."

"Better question: how do you do that?"

"It's been months."

"My love, no."

"We don't anymore. Welcome to married life."

"No one...he hasn't touched you?"

"We tried. But the spark isn't there. Think we left it in the blue box."

River threw her arms around Amy tightly. "I'm sorry for leaving you alone!"

"You had to, I'm sure. Part of loving you."

River kissed her lovingly. "I'll try to be worth that, sweetie."

"You have a lot of making up to do."

"Anywhere, anywhen, anyhow."

"Tomorrow," said Amy, looking around River to the television, which was running the end credits of the movie they hadn't seen. "Duty calls. You know where the spare room is."

"As you wish," said River, getting off Amy's lap and standing.

Amy flicked the television off, then pulled River in by the collar for one more kiss. I'm so going to hell.
hahns_girl: fairy lightshahns_girl on July 16th, 2012 07:25 am (UTC)
Excellent start to my morning! So glad you continued this. And here I was starting to think I was the only one still lurking around this fandom...
Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor: Sushi kitty is FIERCE!kwanboa on July 16th, 2012 11:27 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm here. Just always eighty thousand fics on the go at once, seeing which make it to the finish line first. :)